Creating your home

Do you dream of building your own home, adding rooms to your existing abode or change your house to better suit your lifestyle? No problem! You may own a section and you need a home with three bedrooms, study, and deck with views, that’s us! You may have photos of house you like the look of or have a rough floor plan which needs designed and permitted plans drawn with a 3D model, we do that! Or maybe a small job that needs a Building permit, easy!

I work with you to design your home and to translate your vision into reality to obtain your dream lifestyle.

What services do we offer?

We offer design services, computerised permit drawings, 3D concepts, resource consents, earthwork permits, and all associated compliance certification to do with any job large or small.

We also co-ordinate engineers producer statements, fire reports and any other consultants needed for building permit compliance and of course we facilitate the successful permitting of the plans through the Council’s inner workings, no simple job in these times.

Don’t know what to do?

Simply call us and arrange a free on-site visit where we can clarify issues and offer options for consideration. We then may facilitate and finalise the design often in 3D, complete the relevant construction drawings and specifications and permit them. This process will enable your builder or builders to cost out the job effectively and aid in budgeting. You may require job oversight during the construction phase or some clients prefer to project manage themselves.

Communication with your designer

Graham is available by phone or easily accessed at his office in the Jade Building on the harbor basin where parking is plentiful. He understands how important it is for clients to have input into the planning. Accessibility during the process is vital for a good outcome.

Having a close relationship with a designer can not only speed things up but also make the job more enjoyable. Graham is very appreciative of the trust given by many clients.

A designer with creative flair and sound technical background

Graham Phipps Black, the principal designer, has a Diploma of Fine Arts in sculpture plus an Advanced Certificate in Construction studies. He has a solid background in practical and technical aspects of construction and offers economic and aesthetic solutions to your problems.